Mezapo is a small fishing port and has an interesting beach between two tall rocks in the sea.

Mezapo is a small fishing port with a unique beach between two tall rocks. It looks like the rocks have collapsed and shaped the beach, as you can still see large pieces of rocks here and there. Also, between the rocks you will find two sea caves that can explore swimming. The beach is even more exotic with views – it sees the so-called Tigani or Tigani Castle.

However, the Tigani Peninsula is a favorite challenge for hikers. Below Mezapo, starting from Stavri, a dirt road leads to Agia Kyriaki, a tower. From there you need 45 minutes of hiking to reach the 13th century’s Frankish castle ruins.


Mani, one of the most famous and favorite destinations of the Peloponnese any season, has some of the greatest beaches with amazing views! We will point out our favorite examples of the beaches of Mani. Agia Varvara, Kalogria, Limeni, Alypa, Kotrona, Porto Kaiou, Mavrovouni, Marmari, Stoupa, Fonea, Kokkala.


Apart from countless beaches, towers and picturesque villages you can explore, Mani invites you to discover its history through a variety of activities in the area. Travel to Mani and let her whisper all of her secrets by riding, hiking and kayaking.

A place unique, mystical, blessed, full of natural beauties