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Hidden gems of Mani

The lighthouse at Cape Tainaron, Land’s End

The road ends at Cape Tainaron. The sharp tip of the Laconian peninsula at Matapan pierces the Mediterranean like a warrior’s lance and the famous Tainaron lighthouse warns ships of rocky shores. This is one of the most special sights in the Peloponnese.

On the way, a little before Porto Sternes, the ruins of a temple of Poseidon form the foundations for the Asomatos. Look for the ancient cisterns and a pebble mosaic.
This is the second most southern spot in continental Europe after Gibraltar.

Porto Kayio, pirates and quail

Although this was a notorious pirates’ lair, the cape takes its name from the flocks of quail (quaglio in Italian) that pass through on their way south. In its heyday the area was a major supplier of the tasty birds to France. Don’t forget to visit the stunning circular bay and the famous castle here.

Teuthrone: Kotrona’s ancient harbour

Kotrona, up the east coast, was the site of Teuthrone, one of the most important Maniot harbours in Ancient Greece.


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